Wavin Hep2O Push Fit Metric

Suitable for various professional plumbing jobs. Hep2O is packed with unique features that make push-fit plumbing fitting easier quicker and more secure for installers. No additional equipment or tools required when installing or demounting fittings compared to others where a solder or glue is required.  Just push the pipework into the fitting to create a watertight seal. A wide range of plastic fittings, plumbing pipes and tubes are available. It is the only system with joint recognition and secure demounting and comes with a 50 year guarantee. Also available in imperial sizes.

Secure installation

You get a secure fit every time thanks to Wavin’s In4Sure security feature. Once the connection is in place, you twist the pipe or fitting and feel the “rumble” – signaling a perfect fit.

Flexible and versatile

Hep₂O pipe comes off the coil straight but is highly flexible for fast and easy installation. The system works great with copper and plastic so is ideal for new build and refurbishment projects. A wide range of fittings are available to accommodate any plumbing job.


Fittings can be easily adjusted with the HepKey demounting system. Simply clip the HepKey over the fitting to depress the collar and release the fitting. This system prevents tampering or accidental demounting and ensures your installation is totally secure.

Metric & Imperial

Hep2O is available in both imperial and metric sizes. The fittings are distinguishable by their internal sleeve collars: Imperial – Grey Internal Collar
Metric – White Internal Collar

Request a free sample

If you’d like to see how easy and efficient Push-Fit Hep2O is to install, why not order a free sample? For speed, ease and reliability. It must be Hep2O.

What’s next?

Hep2O plumbing systems are part of an extensive range of Wavin products for domestic and commercial environments, including Hep2O underfloor heating. Talk to Wavin about your specific needs. Please view our short product and installation videos of Hep2O on our YouTube Channel.