Innovative Product Solutions and Systems

We solve a wide spectrum of building & infrastructure challenges – from the sustainable management of drinking water, rainwater, and indoor heating & cooling to waste water management and sewer infrastructure.   

Underfloor Heating & Cooling / Sentio

Adjust the temperature of your room or other living spaces to the desired degree, either thanks to the thermostats on the wall or from your mobile phone while you are away.

Low Noise / Wavin AS+

Wavin AS+ As a result of the tests carried out with Wavin Silent pipe clamp at the German Fraunhofer Institute; With a sound level of less than 10dB, it has achieved the title of being the Quietest Pipe in the World.

Rainwater Storage / AquaCell

With the developed technology, AquaCell has developed infiltration and storage tanks for stormwater management, which recycles rainwater into groundwater by using existing technology to protect water resources and greenery.

Sustainable Drinking Water Pipes / Apollo O-PVC

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