Glass Fiber Reinforced PP R Pipe

Pipes having better pressure durability and lower thermal enlarging should be preferred at hot water applications. Pilsa Composite pipes present suitable solutions for these duties.


PPR Pilsa pipes designed for different pressures and these applications are presented to you at the diameters of 20-200 mm. Both Aluminum and fiber glass have been used to minimize thermal expansion.

Safety Connections

Homogenous welding techniques are used to connect the parts of all PPR Pilsa Systems place of welding is the strongest place of the system. Using Socket and electrofusion strengthens the place of welding and increases the safety of the system.

What’s next?

PPR Pilsa systems are part of an extensive range of Wavin products for domestic and commercial environments. Explore Wavin’s selection of solutions for drinking and waste water and for surface heating and cooling. Talk to Wavin about your specific needs and objectives.