Innovative Product Solutions and Systems

We solve a wide spectrum of building & infrastructure challenges – from the sustainable management of drinking water, rainwater, and indoor heating & cooling to waste water management and sewer infrastructure.   

Above Ground Solutions

Wavin offers a comprehensive range of above ground solutions for plumbing and drainage applications comprising reliable and innovative pipes and fittings which make sound plumbing and drainage, including soil and wastewater systems that last long.

Below Ground Solutions

Climate change and urbanization have resulted in frequent flooding that our cities witness more often nowadays. Wavin has an extensive range of innovative below-ground water solutions designed to capture and transport foul water to the stormwater management system to prevent flooding and secure the civic infrastructure.
PVC Pipe

Tigris K5 / M5

Our new Tigris K5/M5 turns pressure testing into your new favorite activity. Perform your pressure test with air and a loud sound will indicate where there is an unpressed fitting. 

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