Corporate Social Responsibility

Wavin has worked with corporate social responsibility since its foundation in 1955. During recent years, the area is rightly become more formalised and law-bound, but for Wavin these principles and commitments largely unchanged.

CSR Policy

Wavin will ensure that employees have a good working environment and good health through systematic efforts in areas such as noise suppression, ventilation, tidy work, ergonomic workstations, varied and well planned work operations and personnel policies, such as calls for a healthy lifestyle.

Wavin personnel policies to pave the way for inclusion. We will work to retain their own employees and recruit new employees who are at risk of exclusion from the labour market. Wavin going through a sustained effort on risk factors and risk bear the brunt of what applies to claims frequency; we will not expose either people, processes or production to any undue risk. Wavin will select the best available techniques to ensure that our processes and production do not cause the external environment unnecessary loads.

Wavin will develop new products and processes with a focus on sustainability. Wavin will advise clients on the environmental aspects of the use of the products. Wavin is a shareholder in the recycling company WUPPI, a TEPPFA member and connected VinylPlus. We, therefore, support voluntary efforts in the collection and recycling of plastic pipe systems. All the companies in the Wavin Group strive to be a pioneer, also about health and safety, and the companies want to share their experience with others. Wavin with all relevant regulatory requirements and internal regulations are followed, even if they may. surpasses the legislative.

The risks that may be associated with Wavin activities are identified and controlled systematically, and to ensure continuous improvement in our performance in this area, we prepare annual activity plans and budgets. DS / EN ISO 14001 and DS / OHSAS 18001 is an important tools in our work environment and work environment. Wavin companies contribute to programmes for social well-being, locally and internationally. We work with UNICEF on clean water and sanitation initiatives. For our own employees, we sustain the highest awareness of health and safety.

In addition to our social efforts in the areas where we are present, Wavin also supports UNICEF with a programme called Providing Essentials for Children.

The latest project under the Providing Essentials for Children partnership takes place in Bhutan where UNICEF and Wavin will provide water and sanitation and improve hygiene practices in Bhutanese schools.

When completed, the project will have provided sanitation facilities for around 5,000 children at nearly 40 schools. Water facilities will be built at 26 schools and 4 schools will receive rainwater harvesting systems. To safeguard the program’s long-term effectiveness various people (including teachers and health coordinators) will receive training to improve knowledge and practices related to health, nutrition and hygiene.

Wavin supports the project with products, expertise and money. Wavin and UNICEF expect to achieve the same positive results in Bhutan as it has in previous projects. Wavin and UNICEF have been active partners since 2005, providing essentials such as fresh drinking water and sanitation to children worldwide. The first project was carried out in Mali, Africa. In four years Wavin’s products, systems and know-how and UNICEFs organisational and educational skills helped improve sanitation for over 43,000 children at 165 schools. In 2008 Wavin and UNICEF embarked on a similar project in Papua New Guinea. The result was access to safe water supply, sanitation and hygiene in 28 primary schools and 21 rural health clinics. All in all 23,000 people, including 13,000 children, benefitted.

Unicef Partnership

Wavin helps to promote good social conditions, both locally and internationally. We work with UNICEF on other initiatives. Safe drinking water and sanitation. And when it comes to our own employees, we focus on health and safety.

We define CSR as the way in which we integrate social and environmental concerns in the operation of our business and interaction with stakeholders on a voluntary basis. We consider our CSR activities as Wavin contribution to sustainable development.

Construction Inclusion Coalition

Wavin has partnered with leading organisations across the construction industry to establish the Construction Inclusion Coalition (CIC) to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in the sector.

Wavin employees

The expertise, commitment, well-being and involvement of our employees are critical to our success.

In order to provide a working environment that fosters a strong team spirit and contributes towards the company’s long-term goals, we are committed to the following principles:

  • We will foster positive employee and labour relations, and help our staff realise their full potential through training and development opportunities.
  • We will promote a safe, healthy and productive work environment.
  • We will ensure a fair and diverse company culture, with no social, gender, racial or religious bias..
  • We will encourage our staff to maintain excellent contact with the communities in which the company operates and to play an active part in community life.
  • We will attract and retain motivated, well-qualified staff who are given the opportunity to develop within the company.

Code of Ethics

Wavin UK takes its responsibilities to its stakeholders extremely seriously. We share this view with the wider Wavin Group and the Orbia corporation.

Orbia Code of Ethics

As part of Orbia, Wavin complies with the Orbia Code of Ethics which you can download below. 

The Code of Ethics is applicable to all employees working for Orbia and to the Company's customers and suppliers. All employees shall know and abide by the Code of Ethics, the Policies and Guidelines established by Orbia and its subsidiaries, as well as comply with the applicable laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which Orbia conducts business. It is important to note that any ignorance of the Code of Ethics or Orbia's policies does not release employees, suppliers, or customers from their obligation to comply, therewith nor from the consequences of non-compliance.

To read more about this, please refer to the Orbia corporate website

Whistle-blower Line

Reporting Procedure

  1. Identify a possible violation to the Code of Ethics.
  2. Report the violation What? Who? How? When? Where?
  3. Provide sufficient evidence.
  4. If the report is anonymous, provide alternative means of contact (this is not mandatory but is recommended to facilitate research and monitoring).

You can report a possible violation of the Code of Ethics to Orbia here.

Note: To optimise the processing of your complaint through the website and telephone call, you should perform these procedures in Spanish, English or Portuguese. However, if this is not possible, you can make your complaint in your main language by email.

Confidential Councellor

In addition to the Mexichem Whistleblower procedure, Wavin also has an additional procedure.

Under Article 4 of the Procedure, an employee may report the suspicion of a wrong to the Chairman of the Supervisory Board by sending an e-mail to:

Wavin Holding B.V. has issued a Whistle-Blowers procedure, which was originally established in 2004. The procedure provides instructions for Wavin employees wanting to report a suspicion of a wrong within the company. Please click on the link below to open or download the document.

The Confidential Counsellor as identified in the document is Mr. Jos Kruisman.

Wavin employees can reach him via e-mail: or telephone: +31 (0)38 429 4911.

You can also write to him:

Wavin Holding B.V.

Attn. Mr. J. Kruisman

Postbus 173


The Netherlands

PO Box 75640


The Netherlands

Anti-slavery Policy

Wavin Limited acknowledges its responsibility to the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and will ensure there is transparency within the organisation, including all suppliers of goods and services to the business.

We are committed to implementing systems and controls aimed at ensuring that modern slavery is not taking place anywhere within our organisation or in any of our supply chains. We expect that our suppliers will hold themselves and their own suppliers to the same high standards.

Gender Pay Report

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive place to work, where all employees are engaged, empowered and are supported in order to achieve their potential.

We are positive about the UK government’s approach to transparency in gender pay and have carried out a review of gender pay at Wavin Ltd. 

The report below we set out the findings of our review and the mid to long term actions that we will take.