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From attenuation tank configuration to selecting inspection chambers, calculating pipe deformation values and more, our suite of technical tools is designed to take work off your shoulders, boosting efficiency and accuracy. Our suite of free, simple to use tools have been designed to help design water management projects.

Wavin AquaCell Calculator

Calculate the number of elements of a rainwater infiltration-accumulation tank consisting of AquaCell cartridges using our calculator. In just a few steps, you will design the tank you want and receive a bill of materials.

Wavin SENTIO calculator

Wavin SENTIO calculator helps you quickly select the list of automation components needed for climate control

SoundCheck tool

Would you like to know how much you can reduce internal sewer noise in your project? Enter the parameters of your project and calculate the noise reduction with Wavin SiTech + or Wavin AS +

SWM tool

With the help of the SWM calculator, you will be able to design a tank according to your needs. The tank strength will be automatically checked during design. Once the calculations are complete, you'll receive a bill of materials and project report with 3D images of your tank, plus the option to add a side view.