Oil separator Certaro

When you drain rainwater from petrol stations, car wash areas and garages, you should use dedicated oil separators. Wavin offers a wide range of LGA-certified Class I oil separators, designed to handle treatment flows from 3 to 20 litres per second.


Reduced installation cost

Because our oil separators have been designed to withstand traffic loading, you avoid the cost and complication of adding protective concrete plates. You save in high groundwater conditions too, where robust design eliminates the need for additional reinforcement of the tank.

Easy maintenance

Wavin oil separators are designed for hassle-free maintenance: you can access oil and sludge compartments for cleaning via a single, easy-access entry point.


Wavin’s wide range of LGA-certified Class I oil separators can handle treatment flows ranging from 3 to 20 litres per second. When even larger flows are likely, we offer custom designs and systems with an integrated by-pass as an alternative.

What’s next?

For car parks and roads, the Wavin Save gully can be used as a very economical solution to separate next to the silts also the oil that is connected to it.