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Our new and improved SuperTemp CPVC pipes and fittings are an upgrade for the most reliable plumbing installations in climate-resilient habitations. Their superior design imparts them higher flexibility, robustness, and superior features for a wide range of hot and cold-water applications. Explore the comprehensive range of Wavin SuperTemp CPVC to find an optimal solution for all your needs.

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Key Highlights

State-of-the-art Design

The lightweight design of the SuperTemp CPVC allows for energy-efficient and cost-effective installations in different environments with ease. Their state-of-the-art advanced formulation gives them greater flexibility and better performance against external stresses and forces.
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Higher corrosion Resistance

SuperTemp CPVC pipes and fittings show higher resistance against most chemicals, including acids, bases, and salts. Chemicals found in the typical waters for human consumption do not impact the structural integrity of the SuperTemp CPVC, allowing smooth flow of water through the pipes.

Outdoor installations

SuperTemp CPVC pipes and fittings are suitable for external installations in environments with extreme weathers. They are unaffected by wet/dry or cold/hot cycles of the weather and continue to perform optimally without any impact on their performance.


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Product Applications


Wavin SuperTemp CPVC pipes and fittings are ideal for hot and cold-water installations in residential buildings. Their high thermal resistance allows for them to provide superior functionality for water supply without getting warped.


Made from RoHS-compliant material, SuperTemp CPVC pipes and fittings are the apt choice for commercial environments with high stress conditions. The robust design and flexibility of the SuperTemp CPVC provides low-maintenance, superior efficiency performance for water supply and management in resorts, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, and offices.


Wavin SuperTemp CPVC pipes are suitable for all uptake and downtake lines, terrace looping as well as concealed pipe applications for different environments to provide leakproof and optimal efficiency under the harshest service conditions.
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