Electrofusion Fittings Potable Water

Key Approvals and Standards

All Wavin products are manufactured under a quality management system accredited to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 (certificate No. FM00217) and which is listed in the BSI Register of Assessed Capability. Wavin pressure Pipe systems have all the relevant approvals where applicable.

PE Pipe for Potable and Non-potable Water

BS 6920: 2000 Specification for suitability of non-metallic products for use in contact with water intended for human consumption with regard to their effect on the quality of the water.

PE Pipes

  • BS EN 12201: 2003 Plastic piping systems for water supply
  • Polyethylene (PE)
  • WRAS – Approval Number: 1408552

PE Fittings 

  • BS EN 12201: 2003 Plastic piping systems for water supply
  • Polyethylene (PE)

Important Note: 

All Wavin Electrofusion Fittings have pin size 4.0mm. For use with UK Electrofusion machines, 4.7mm adaptors may be required. EF pins or EF LED Adaptors.

Wavin Electrofusion stub flanges are not supplied with backing rings/flanges. These items need to be ordered separately.

Please quote part number when ordering.



Connection to PE-100 Pipe

Our PE 100 Standard pipes are available in diameters from 32 to 630mm with an SDR of 17 and 11. With correct installation, you can anticipate a service life of 100 years.

What’s next?

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GF Wavin PE fittings

Jointing takes place either via electro-fusion or butt-fusion. Electro-fusion fittings contain wires which are energized/heated via an electro-fusion control box, resulting in a molten pool of materials of fitting and pipe. Butt-fusion fittings (spigot fittings) use the butt-fusion process. Both types of GF Wavin PE fittings produce a fully fused and leak free joint.