Wavin Revit BIM Packages

With the Revit packages from Wavin you can easily and without a catalog make a 100% accurate design. In addition, you save a lot of time in the design phase with the unique built-in intelligence.

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Ease and efficiency with Wavin BIM

Construction design is a complex process – involving an intricate collaboration of professionals. BIM integrates all the pieces of the building puzzle – seamlessly.

Building information modeling (BIM) has revolutionized the construction industry. In the realm of 3D, BIM is the link that connects all the key players and stages of a building project’s lifecycle. Wavin understands the intricacies involved in such a collaboration of this magnitude. So we created a custom Revit content package that supports the industry by providing MEP BIM modelers with the ability to intuitively create a full and detailed plumbing system which is a 100% accurate (as built) installation model.

Pre-design phase

The process of using BIM models collaboratively, from concept to installation and construction, is very lengthy. It begins with the architect preparing a schematic model and renderings, and then presenting them to the building owner (the client). Based on feedback from the client, tweaks will be made and then the model will be ready to move to the design phase of the project. 

Design phase

During the design phase, the scheduling and estimating teams begin to get involved.  The person responsible for scheduling must make sure that the building can be built in the time allocated for the project. Concurrently, the person in charge of estimating needs to continuously track the cost of the project. For this to happen seamlessly and without any mishaps, the BIM models need to be set up correctly from the get-go. At this stage, collaboration is key. Each team must know what the other is doing – the architects, engineers, project managers, estimator, scheduler, and construction manager. And BIM is the best way to manage this process.

Construction phase

Once the design is complete, construction is ready to commence. BIM has created a tight connection between design and construction that never existed before. The ease with which project estimation and scheduling can be updated (as the project progresses) is simply unprecedented. We no longer need to ask the architects, engineers, operations and construction managers to collaborate efficiently. Instead, we look to how we can use BIM to make the whole process faster and more efficient.

Wavin BIM Revit – from start to finish

An accurate installation model makes all the difference in a design’s overall efficiency. There are efficiencies not only in the design phase, but also in the installation phase. When a design is complete, you immediately have a correct and complete bill of materials. From design to planning, supervising assembly and production – they all work with Wavin BIM Revit content packages. With the help of Wavin’s BIM Revit packages, everything falls into place perfectly – just like jigsaw puzzle.

Wavin’s Revit packages are free. Our product portfolio and language differ per country; therefore, each country has its own dedicated Revit packages in the local language, distributed via our local websites. To download the Wavin Revit packages, go to: register