You can choose between standard gullies and gullies with an extra-large discharge capacity. All systems are available with different types of gully covers. The Save gullies have a large discharge capacity. This gully collects most of the road dirt before it flows into the sewerage system. The Save gully is an excellent choice for our infiltration systems. The gully also provides a very economical solution where otherwise linear drainage channels would have to be applied.


What’s next?

Wavin's gullies are easy to connect to our storm water management systems using AquaCells.

Gully cover

Wavin offers various types of gully covers. Depending on the location in the street, you can choose from a number of different covers, amongst them, the shallow surface water channels and the ones for different types of kerbs.

Collection & separation

The gully is placed in the road at the relevant location. Water and dirt flows into the gully and the solids and floatables are separated from the water. The dirt stays behind in the gully and the water moves to the sewer or storm water system.