With Wavin TSDOQ you can adopt a 100-year design life, even in case of unlikely severe damage up to 20% of standard wall thickness. It is the best-selling PE 100-RC system in the world.


Versatile application

Over 15 million meters of TSDOQ have been installed since the year 2000. Pipes are available in diameters from 32 to 630 mm with an SDR of 17 and 11. TSDOQ provides maximum reliability and allows open-cut installation without sand bed and trenchless methods like pipe bursting and directional drilling.

Connection choice

You can connect Wavin TSDOQ using all established polyethylene fusion techniques. Wavin offers a complete fitting range.

Pipe concept

Wavin TSDOQ is a co-extruded three-layer PE 100-RC pressure pipe. Its protective properties exceed PAS 1075. While PAS 1075 requires product testing only twice a year, Wavin has each batch of materials tested and documented by an independent institute.

What’s next?

Use PE 100-RC pipes in combination with purpose-made Wavin PE valve chambers to create the optimal water supply system.