Infiltration Sewer

Wavin slotted twin wall pipes combine rainwater transport and infiltration into the surrounding soil. They are as easy to inspect and clean as standard sewer pipes. Made from virgin polypropylene, these pipes are highly durable, with a fifty year life under severe loading conditions.


What’s next?

In storm water projects where infiltration is used to reduce the peak in the discharge, infiltration sewer is very often combined with Wavin's Attenuation & Infiltration systems.

Smart wall profile

Our slotted twin-wall pipes have a smart ridged wall profile which facilitates the infiltration process. The smart profile increases infiltration capacity, as proved both in our labs and in the field though independent testing.

Transport and infiltrate

Wavin slotted twin-wall pipes allow water to infiltrate into the surrounding soil while transporting the flow. This reduces the rainwater load on the system endpoints, minimizing the risk of flood or back-up. Easy to inspect and clean, monitoring and maintenance are minimized.


Like all Wavin products, slotted twin-wall sewer pipes meet all relevant regulation and compliance standards. Made of virgin polypropylene, our pipes deliver fifty years’ service under even the toughest conditions.