PVC Pressure

Our range of PVC pressure pipes offers you the perfect total solution for your sewer system.


Ease of use and time savings

The light weight and the very effective rubber ring joints make the installation of our PVC pipeline systems very easy and quick.

High impact resistance

With Wavin's PVC pressure pipes, you are choosing ease of installation and quality. In addition to our third party certified PVC-U pipes, we offer a wide range of PVC-O pipes characterised by their high impact resistance and reduced sensitivity to point loading.

What’s next?

Wavin also offers a wide range of PE pressure pipes for sewer systems. For horizontal directional drilling or pipe bursting, you can count on Wavin TS DOQ. This is a three-layer PE 100 pipe with extremely strong inner and outer layers, providing protection against point loads, scratches and scoring.


Our PVC-U and PVC-O pressure pipe systems comprise a complete range of fittings, including special tensile-resistant couplers.