About Wavin - Innovative building & infrastructure solutions

Wavin is a global provider of a broad range of sustainable products and solutions for the building & infrastructure industry. Our innovative systems help build healthy, sustainable environments.

We are Wavin

Our story began in 1955 – in the Netherlands. Today, we are a global company. An innovative, sustainable solution provider for the building and infrastructure industry across multiple continents. Backed up by 60+ years of expertise and a talented team of industry wizards whose out-of-the-box thinking has propelled us to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges around: safe and efficient water supply, better sanitation and hygiene, climate-resilient cities and better building performance. 

Sustainability drives our innovative products

We are a leading provider of sustainable products and solutions for plumbing, waste and sewer systems, roof drainage, stormwater management, heating and cooling, and mechanical ventilation. And our Purpose is simple and straightforward: to advance life around the world, by building healthy, sustainable environments. Together – with other business groups which are part of our parent company, Orbia – we contribute to the greater purpose of making the world a safer, healthier and more comfortable place.

A customer-centric culture

Wavin focuses on creating positive change by building healthy, sustainable environments for global citizens and collaborating with municipal leaders, engineers, contractors and installers to help future-proof communities, buildings and homes.

We are privileged to provide our innovative solutions, tools and technical support for a wide spectrum of professionals and innovators within the building and infrastructure industry. They include construction owners, building developers, main contractors and subcontractors, engineers, designers, installers, and municipal authorities.

As an industry leader, our reputation rests upon the trust we build with our stakeholders and clients – to design better products and solutions that meet the goals of their projects.

Where our products and solutions are used

Our products and solutions are used in urban cities, public administration buildings such as stadiums, schools or hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, roads and highways – from civil engineering projects like road infrastructure to home building.

Out-of-the-box thinking leads to innovation

We have created and patented a number of breakthrough innovations that have changed the way installers and contractors work. Our list of ‘World’s Firsts” is long. They include the world’s first stormwater AquaCell and Q Bic Plus infiltration unit, PPSU press fit fitting system Wavin Tigris K1, World's First low-noise system for waste water, high performance PPR system with the basalt fibers giving the pipe an increased resistance to higher temperatures and high pressure by reducing thermal expansion or another world’s first, our industrial manufactured plastic manholes and inspection chambers – Wavin Tegra.

Through our first-in-the-world creations we have built an unrivalled reputation for continuous innovation, intelligent problem-solving, dedicated technical support and the highest standards.

We are global

At Wavin, we continue to evolve, progress and realign our talent and our business – to better serve our customers, our communities, and the world at large. Given the rapidly changing markets in which we operate and to meet and exceed our future strategic challenges, Wavin has transformed into a fully global and integrated organization. Wavin's global head office is situated in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We have 10,500 employees and over 30 production facilities in 40+ countries worldwide and we operate under brands like Wavin, Amanco and Pavco. Our workforce is rich in its diversity.

Through our forward-thinking piping solutions, we aspire to make a sustainable difference across the nation and around the world – today, and for generations to come.